Funky Alien Socks


We aren’t alone! And what better way to remind ourselves than with a pair of these Funky Alien socks. These blue cotton extraterrestrial socks will elevate any outfit to out of this world status.

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This pair of blue Alien Socks are perfect for the conspiracy theorist in all of us. Or those of us that aknowledge Area 51 is more than just a random US military base out in the middle of the Nevada desert. These socks would also make a great gift for our consiperacy driven, space watching or plain ol ET loving friends.

Made with 85% cotton for added comfort these trendy blue Alien corporate socks are comfortable and stylish.

Material: 85% Cotton, 13% Polyamide & 2% Elastane

Sizing: One size fits most

Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 9 cm

blue, green, pink


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