How do I get free shipping on my orders?

Spend $20 or more to be eligible for free shipping on all domestic orders within Australia. Orders which total under $20 will cost $5 for domestic shipping within Australia. Rates for international shipping differs and is not available for all countries.

What is the average timing for shipping?

Delivery time for all domestic shipping within Australia is approximately 2-5 business days.

How does the sizing of your socks work?

Most of our soxytoes are ‘one size fits most’. Which means that our sizes will fit most common adult foot sizes.

What are your socks made out of?

Our socks range from 80 to 85% percent cotton. But be sure to check the product description for a detailed list of the materials.

How can I pick the right soxytoes design for me?

Wellll… the beauty about soxytoes socks is that we have a huge range of socks which sometimes makes choosing the right sock difficult. But that’s why we also encourage you to buy more than one sock and offer bulk buying discounts and incentives to help you do so. Not every day​ is the same and neither should our socks be.

What’s the difference between crew and corporate socks?

Not much really. Crew and corporate mostly refers to full length socks. However some socks can be more casual than corporate and there may fall under a casual crew as opposed to a corporate sock.

Can I return my socks if I don’t like them?

When choosing your socks from us you need to choose carefully in picking a style and design you are happy with. Unfortunately for hygiene reasons,​ we don’t accept returns. But don’t worry we are pretty confident you and feet will love your new pair of soxytoes.

Can I pick up​ or buy soxytoes in-store​ in Australia?

We currently don’t have a retail space here in Australia for soxytoes. But we are working on this so join us on our social media @soxytoesau for the latest news and updates. But for now all of our novelty socks are​ available online 24/7 and you can order them from anywhere in Australia with the click of a few buttons.

How often will you introduce new sock designs?

We already have a massive range of socks but will continue to introduce new styles and scents to our range. So more reason to make sure you are connected with us on our social media @soxytoesau for announcements and updates on what’s new to our novelty sock lineup.

Do you offer special packaging options?

Yes we can and will be offering special sock packaging opinions during special occasions and events. When available we will announce this on social media @soxytoesau and on our website.

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