Christmas Socks

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We’re in the Christmas spirit here at Soxytoes with our new line of Christmas socks especially designed for the most wonderful time of the year! But forget boring and ugly designs you usually get, we have quirky Christmas designs that bring a new level of funk to the festive season.

As a stocking filler, these socks are perfect! And there’s a style to suit anyone in your family; from Grandma to teens, don’t let anyone get away without a little slice of Christmas joy.

You’ve seen Santa’s sled being pulled by his trusty sidekick rudolf on other socks – now see Santa riding his Unicorn on our “Time to Sleigh” unique design! With a bright pink background, these Christmas socks are perfect for your OTT family member who loves to stand out.

Or what about our “Christmas Crew” design for your foodie relative who loves baking? These Christmas socks feature your favourite festive characters – but as cupcakes! Pink and fun, these socks will bring a little sweetness to your Christmas Day.

What Christmas table is complete without a shoddily designed Gingerbread house? Luckily we’ve got you covered with our “Tinsel Town” design – gingerbread men and a gingerbread house that won’t fall apart before lunch! These socks have an icy-blue background with Christmassy red toes and band.

And for when you need just a little bit of festive cheer, our “Christmas Snowflake” design is simple and sleek, with the right amount of Christmas spirit. It might be 40 degrees here in Australia at this time of year, but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some magical snowflakes.

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