Socks are a piece of clothing in our outfits that we hurriedly grab every morning, without realising the part it plays for us and our health throughout the day. A sock, worn to cover the feet and ankles, is mostly the smallest detail of our attire, yet somehow, it is just as essential as the rest of our clothes.

Most people often forget how important it is to keep their feet covered, protected by socks. However, we can’t really blame them knowing the apparent extent of the contribution of socks to an outfit. Much to the average person’s surprise, the sole purpose of socks is not just to keep us warm and comfortable; it actually goes well beyond that.

It is imperative that we keep our feet dry in order to keep the fungus and bacteria from building up around our toenails. From broken skin to inflammation, this particular bacteria can lead to all sorts of foot problems. The most common fungal diseases today include blisters, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot and even the more serious one that no one categorically talks about: diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is referred to a group of conditions that may cause unnecessary harm to a diabetic person’s feet. Soreness, tingling, extreme pain and nerve damage around the heel are some of the symptoms that tend to worsen overtime. Maintaining good feet health and blood sugar control, along with regular foot exams can help counter the said disease. While a physician can’t recover the nerve damage, care must be taken to ensure prevention. Loose top socks, particularly because of their breathability, happen to be the perfect fit for diabetic persons. They are designed in such a way that they don’t feel too tight around the leg, providing extra comfort for sensitive skin. They typically consist of three zones that create the effect of loose knitting possible. The first zone usually has a soft entry with a non-elastic top that allows smooth entrance of the feet into the fabric, the second zone has a decreasing ribbed knit, and the third zone stabilises the shaft while being close to the ankle. Moreover, loose top socks are an ideal buy for people with circulatory problems because there is almost no restricted blood circulation as they don’t squeeze the ankles and the calves.

Despite their minuscule size, socks can help add a colorful vibrancy to a person’s attire. Considered a status symbol and a fashion statement many centuries ago, they are now a pretty basic and affordable part of peoples’ wardrobes today. 

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