What do you get someone for Christmas who already has everything they could ever want?

What do you get someone for Christmas who already has everything they could ever want? Your brother Paul who lives for technology and is the first in line to buy the new iPhone…Your cousin Nina who is always traveling​ the world at any given second and only drops back home at Christmas to collect the money from her Christmas cards… Your Dad who replies with “peace and quiet” when you ask him what he wants for Christmas…

Lucky for you, soxytoes has a pair of fun, comfy, and unique socks for every one of your difficult, err we mean unique, family members to open on Christmas morning! What about a pair of Nerd socks for Paul, a pair of Sushi Time socks for Nina’s upcoming trip to Japan, and a pair of Cricket Fever socks for Dad?

And we’ve got your Secret Santa gift covered too with our range of quirky or classic Christmas socks perfect for your colleagues, boss, or the person’s whose name you pulled out of the hat and have no idea who they are. Our pink Christmas cupcake socks are a sweet stocking fillers, or our classic red Christmas snowflake design that could be worn all December long. And the best part about shopping for soxytoes socks for all your Chrismas gifts? You don’t even have to leave your house! Our extensive range of novelty socks means you can find a style to suit anyone you know, meaning you can smash out your dreaded Christmas shopping in one hit.
Always leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Soxytoes is online 24/7, and we‘ve got you covered with express shipping (1-3 days). One thing’s for certain, no one can ever have too many socks, especially at Christmas 😉

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