Hail a cab


Hailing a cab was the only was we used to do it. But now with our smart devices and apps all our ride sommoning is done digitally. But these travel friendly loose fit socks tribute feature the classic style taxi on them as a tribute to travel days past.

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Are you someone you suffers from varicose veins, diabetes or just prefer the comfort of a looser fit. These loose fit travel socks from soxytoes feature a range of benifits making them your ideal travel companion or daily ride. They are made with 85% quality cotton but are also infused with pure silver allowing for longer lasting freshness. There is also added perfume infusion meaning more pleasant fragranced travelling as well.

Theme: Hail a cab
Material: 85% Cotton, 13% Polyamide & 2% Elastane
Infusions: Infused with pure silver & perfume
Sizing: One size fits most


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