Emoji White – Face Mask


An all-new super safe mask from soxytoes featuring the ’emojis’ in a solid white design. This ’emoji’ designed face mask will sit comfortably on your face without tugging on your ears. It’s breathable, made with 100% fine weave cotton and treated with silver-based anti-viral infusions. All masks come with 2 melt-blown filters that can be reused.

The emoji face mask is a white mask featuring emoji faces that shows that your are doing your part in helping reduce the spread of covid 19 while representing all the emoji moods we are going through. Our face mask designs will allow you to stand out while fitting in.

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This soxytoes cotton face mask doesn't just look the part but it is also packed with features that allow it to offer its wearers a higher level of safety and comfort. The unique and replaceable melt blown filter makes the mask washable and reusable.

Key Features:

  • Full-sized to ensure adequate coverage of nose and mouth.
  • 4 layers of protection that work together to offer both wearers and others greater protection.
  • Cambric weave cotton to filter droplets carrying infections. It is also quick drying and soft so as to provide greater comfort on your skin.
  • Silver-based antiviral infused which helps destroy viruses and pathogens.
  • Melt blown filters made of an extremely fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers that reduce the inflow of infectious particles.
  • Washable, this soxytoes mask can be machine washed with soap, and dried in a dryer, as required. This antivirus protection on the mask lasts 50 washes.
  • Breathable without using valves that have proven unsafe against coronavirus.
  • Extra filter provided.
  • ISO/FDA/CE Certified

Package contents include:
1 X soxytoes cotton washable face mask
2 X Molten blown filters

Length 21.5 cm, width 7.5cm, width centre 13.5cm

emoji white


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