Smashed avocado on toast has quickly become an Australian café staple. We bet your favourite local breakfast spot has a great version, and no matter how determined you are to order something else, you just can’t beat a crusty slice of sourdough topped with that creamy goodness. We bet the overly expensive hipster joint that’s just opened down the street has a reconstructed avocado on toast, one you have to scoop out of the shell yourself – the cheek! But whether your favourite version has a side of gooey halloumi or crispy bacon, we can all agree that we just can’t get enough of those tasty avocados!
Who cares what the baby boomers say about our love for the green stuff – avocados are delicious and we won’t apologise for it! Now you can show off your passion for avocados with your own pair of avocado socks, without the OTT price tag.

Soxytoes have crafted this pair of pure cotton socks especially for you, or the avocado lover in your life. Not just delicious to look at, these avocado socks are expertly made so you avoca-toes stay fresh and comfy all day long. Unlike real avocados, these socks will stand the test of time, and won’t go mouldy in the blink of an eye (our only criticism of our one true love).

Wear your avocado socks to the office to declare your love to your work colleagues, or out to brunch to show those hipsters who the real avocado aficionado is. You’ll be the talk of the (vegan) town whenever a chink of these quirky avocado socks flashes from under your trousers.

If you’re a strict Hass variety puritan or don’t mind a Shepard when they’re in season, Soxytoes have made the perfect avocado socks for any occasion. Just a warning – you might be craving avocado on toast a little more frequently with your new avocado socks.

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